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Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - 6 Pack

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    • Specifications: We use only pure essential oils and nature-identical fragrances, therefore you get the true benefits of aromatherapy. This set includes 6 Shower Melts, Lavender, Menthol/Eucalyptus, Vanilla, Watermelon, Grapefruit, and Peppermint. 
    • Melt Away To Another Place: Simply place one of your shower fizzes into the corner of your shower. Our shower steamers are non-slip, safe for septic systems, vegan, and cruelty-free for complete feel-good immersion.
    • E-book Bonus: If you adore beautiful scents and the powers of Aromatherapy, then you will enjoy the free E-Book that comes with your order (valued at $12). 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Best smell!!!

    I recently moved into a new apartment, that had no bathtub. Normally after work to unwind I use a bath bomb and take a hot bath, which now I cannot! I did some research and found these shower soothers!! The smell is great, even better unwind than taking a bath!!! Will continue to use and buy them!! The little box they come in is also adorable!!!! I can't wait to come home from work and use them everyday!!!!! Love the lavender one!-Also really helped with my stuffy nose!!!!

    Luxurious shower steamers.

    These shower steamers are highly scented and come in a variety of scents. They are very luxurious at a great price. I used the menthol & eucalyptus when I had a cold and it helped my symptoms tremendously. I can't wait to purchase again.

    Endless Energy Kids
    Relaxing and Refreshing

    These were the perfect gift for my friend who was getting over COVID and about to have to return to work with the girl who gave it to her when said girl came to work after she learned she was around someone who tested positive when she attended a large baby shower with no masks/distancing. This product was just what my friend needed to calm her nerves before her first shift back! She said the one she used so far is great.

    Wonderful scents and easy to use

    These shower bombs are perfect for me since I do not take baths. I can still enjoy a fragrant bathing experience. I loved the use of essential oils and the fragrance options were all wonderful. Be sure not to put it in direct water stream and then it will last longer than one shower.

    Carol Dekker
    Follow the instructions, Don't give up, and Enjoy!

    I read all the directions, and thought I was doing it correctly. I placed the disc in a place in the shower that was under water, and didn't get a ton of water. after I got in the shower (about 3 minutes later). the disk was Practically gone. crap. I asked my mate in the bathroom to see if she should smell the Scent. Not that much. I reread the instructions, and tried again the next night. This time, I put the disk in the farthest corner, not much water was going to hit it there. This time the, the disk lasted almost my entire shower )and it was a long one.) I was able to enjoy the scent as well. I'm looking forward to my next order, I think I will go with the menthol-eucalyptus combo pack. Follow the instructions, Don't give up, and Enjoy!

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