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Under-Eye Collagen Patches - 60 Patches - Gold & Snail

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    • SOOTHING: 60-pieces of under-eye patches containing snail slime, 24k gold and peptides, hydrating your skin, reducing wrinkles, dark circles, and puffy eyes.
    • 100% ESSENCE: Under-eye masks and hydrogel patches with 100% essence that penetrates the skin melting for a dual effect. It recharges hydration and resilience to dull eye area, restores elasticity, firming skin, reducing the appearance of under-eye bags.
    • MOISTURIZING: Intensive care with highly moisturizing and highly adhesive hydrogel.
    • WRINKLE-CARE: Anti-wrinkle and moisturizing effect and long-lasting moisture. With natural ingredients that provide a long-lasting moisturizing effect to the skin around the eyes. You will notice your skin refreshed and hydrated from the very first application.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Aishah Contreras
    Worth it

    Intensely hydrates the under eye, making it smooth and supple.

    Sarah Halpert
    Great night treatment

    I have to give this product a 5/5 because their intended use on the package is exactly what they deliver. They are very moisturizing and brightening & easy to use (I especially love the little spatula.) However, i was looking for an eye mask that was anti-inflammatory and would reduce under-eye bags; particularly due to autumn allergies. Even after keeping them in the fridge these didn’t really offer a solution to my eye “puffiness.” Great for a night treatment but I would suggest looking for a different morning treatment if you are looking to combat seasonal allergies.

    Good Purchase

    Smell amazing! Super cute & come with a little plastic spoon! Came in super quick & comes with a lot of patches.

    Pam P.
    Love these

    I am usually leary of products for the face because l know the reviews can be "bought" but these actually work to minimize the bags under eyes and reduce the tired appearance. I haven't had them long enough to judge if it helps with wrinkles but definitely helps with the bags. I keep them in the fridge so they are nice and cool when they go on.

    Flobi Wan Kenobi
    Great product!

    I love these eye patches! I am a dark-skinned woman of 42. I don't have wrinkles or crows feet but I have slight dark circles (hyperpigmentation) under my eyes. I have deep set eyes so it makes it look more noticeable. I love Mizon products & heard good things about gold eye pads. They came quickly & well packaged. The 1st thing I noticed when I opened the container was the cute little spatula (later realizing it is VERY necessary for separating the patches). 2nd thing I noticed is there is A LOT of serum! This is a good thing. The pads have no chance of drying up & you can use the serum for other parts of your face. It was a struggle trying to get the pads apart when I figured out the spatula is made for this. Grabbing them with your fingers is a fun comedic tragedy. They are VERY slippery & it's easy to grab 2 pads because they are thin & stick together easily. Using the spatula you can very easily separate the pads to peel them from each other & pick up. *Side note: if you have 2 pads on one eye they WILL NOT stay on- make sure you only have one on each eye (learned from experience)* I also made the mistake of putting the pads on backwards (skinny end goes towards inner eye/ nose area). Once all was on correctly the experience was relaxing! They are slippery & will slightly shift if you move around a lot, but I simply hold them in place with a pinky finger for about a minute & then they will adhere to your skin after they dry a little. The package calls for 15-20 mins to leave them on. I set a timer & have a seat to relax while they do their thing. After about 5 mins I get some tingling but nothing uncomfortable. It almost feels like the warm/ cool effect you get from Icy Hot or Vicks Vapor Rub (but not as intense!). After the timer goes off I peel them off, pat the remainder of the serum under my eyes & on my lids. I finish up with my eye cream & face moisturizer. Visually I was amazed my under eye area was tighter, smoother, & not puffy at all! My eyes felt relaxed & refreshed. I only use these pads once a week (no time to do daily), but I'm very satisfied with the results. I've used them a total of 3 times since purchase & my under eye dark spots are less noticeable & lightening up! I will keep these as my Holy Grail eye pads.

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