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Firming Eye Gels - 8 Count

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  • FIRMING & BRIGHTENING SET: This set contains Hydro-Cool Firming Eye Gels (8 Count) and Brightening Eye Serum (0.34oz).
  • COOLING: In just ten minutes, this cooling transdermal gel patch infuses the eye area with highly potent actives and Icelandic glacial water to firm, tone, brighten and reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles.
  • NATURAL:  A supercharged Arctic Peptide Blend bolsters collagen, while a Targeted Wrinkle Inhibitor combines with a superior 4-in-1 Bioactive Complex to noticeably and naturally relax muscles and reduce expression lines.
  • HYDRATING: A highly advanced super-targeted delivery system provides deep penetration and optimum absorption of powerful actives for results you can see. Feather-light and fast-absorbing to rapidly penetrate deep into the skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Dr. Stuart Gitlow
Serum/eye patch combination ritual takes just 15 minutes and reduces wrinkles noticeably.

This is a nice combination pack containing a small medicine-dropper bottle of serum along with skyn's unusual eye patches. Unlike other similar products, these have some adhesive qualities and therefore stay in place much more easily, allowing you to go through your daily or evening routine without fear that the slightest touch will knock the patch out of place or entirely off. The serum is meant to be applied prior to application of the patches, and the combination works well to reduce wrinkles under and beside your eyes. Wrinkles aren't eliminated, of course, so don't expect the world here, but this is a nice spa-like treatment that takes just 15 minutes.

Wolo P.
surprisingly good

The hydro cool firming eye gel and brightening Eye Serum set comes in very nice packaging and looks quite high-end. I've used patches like these in the past, and they tend to drive me crazy because they'll do the Tango around my face instead of staying in place. I'll often be forced to readjust them, but in this case I think that they did a very good job of making sure that the patches stay in place with their design. The patches themselves are hydrated well enough, so that they're not constantly dripping or being forced to move around by gravity. They feel nice and cool when applied and provide a nice sensation. They come off nice and easy and certainly make you feel nice under the eye after you've used them. I wouldn't say that they've taken away any sort of discoloration, but they certainly do have an effect on the puffiness of your eyes. The eye Serum itself is a very lovely scented, an excellent quality serum. It'll certainly last you a long time as you can get away with pretty much just one drop for both eyes. At least that's what it was in my experience. I usually have a very lackluster opinion of these types of products because I find that the under-eye products tend not to provide any results. In this case however, I would say that I did notice a bit of a change in the way that the skin under my eye began to look. It looked brighter and lot less puffy. That's not to say that it remove the discoloration or bags, but it certainly did make that skin feel a lot more smooth and perhaps a little more youthful. All in all, it's a really nice set and I would certainly recommend it.

Great eye masks, even better serum!

I absolutely love both the eye masks and serum in this set! The first time I used the eye masks my very puffy under eyes were immediately de-puffed. To be fair, I don't have eye wrinkles (yet), so no idea if these would help, but I can say they leave my eyes feeling soft and moisturized. The patches are easy to apply, quite cooling, and are completely dry, so no dripping or slipping as with most gel masks. They're only meant to be worn for 10 minutes - a small time commitment with quick results. As for the serum...I would bathe in this stuff if I could! First, the smell is soooooo lovely... like honeysuckle or jasmine on a summer night. The serum is a little thicker than most eye serums, but 1 tiny drop goes a long way. I apply it under and over my eyes twice a day. It takes a few minutes to absorb, and then I apply my eye cream. After only a few uses my winter eyes are softer and better moisturized than they’ve ever been. Seriously, my under eye skin feels so smooth and soft all day and night, I just keep touching it! After 2 weeks of continuous use my eyes are visibly less puffy and look a bit brighter. I go back and forth on the benefits of eye serums, but I really like this one. Unless something changes, I plan to keep this as part of my daily skincare routine.

Excellent set for eyes!

skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels 8 Count & Brightening Eye Serum SetI love this set from skyn Iceland! The serum is full of firming, wrinkle-fighting peptides and wonderful for daily use. The bottle is small but lasts quite a long time as one drop will do the area around both eyes.The Hydro Cool Eye Gels are great for any time that you want a bit of a boost. Each pair of Hydro Cool Eye Gels is individually wrapped and each gel peels off a plastic backing and is then placed on the undereye area for 10 minutes. They stay put until you remove them. No mess like you sometimes have with hydrogels that are in a jar full of serum. I really like the shape of these too as they cover a large area under the eye and out through the crow's feet area without leaving gaps the way so many hydrogels do. These Eye Gels are cooling, hydrating and combat puffiness. The packaging makes them great for travel too.This set would also be a wonderful gift. The unisex packaging and branding makes them equally appropriate for men and women.

Great set!

I am a big fan of skyn Iceland product and this eye gel set did not disappoint! It arrived quickly and well packaged. The eye gel is super silky and feels awesome around my eyes. It doesn’t have a discernible odor. The gels are thick and easy to adhere to your under eye. The gels stay put until you remove them so you can do other things while treating your eye area. So far, I feel like the combination set gives me eyes a lift and energizes them! I haven’t noticed any negative side effects.

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