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Baby Sound Machine - Rainbow Colors

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    • Sound Machine: Select from a library of snooze-inducing sounds, lullabies, and white noise. Expert recommended for babies, toddlers, and kids.
    • Night Light: Choose from a rainbow of colors to make it your own gentle and reassuring kid's night light.
    • Time-to-Rise: Set programs to cue your child for tricky transitions such as naps, bedtime, and morning. The perfect kid's alarm clock and toddler sleep trainer.
    • Two-way Audio Monitor: Check-in without cluttering up your life. Listen and talk to your child from another room through your phone with a clear transmission. Safe and secure to ensure your privacy, and audio communications never leave the confines of your home. No extra gadgets are necessary.
    • LED Clock: Help your child understand time concepts with this digital clock, which can be adjusted to the desired brightness (or turned off completely). Automatic updates mean there is no need to reset for daylight time changes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Works great!

    I love this sound machine as it has helped me go to bed much faster than I used to. The selection of sounds great and I love how I can set up different programs for the weekdays and weekends. An added bonus is that it’s also super cute to display on my bedside table! Other machines aren’t very nice to look at.

    So far so good

    Works great so far! My DiL loves that she can start it from her phone and talk to the kids through it from her phone if she needs to.

    Kenneth Fung
    Helpful for sleeping

    Wasn't sure about purchasing this given the cost and so many baby products that we have already. We already have a separate light, noise machine, etc. However, had heard great things and decided to give it a try and hopefully combine all the items we have into one.Pros:-- being able to control everything on your phone--easy set up and easy to use--look is nice and blends into the room decor pretty easily. Smaller than the white noise machine we used to use--so far seems to work well and baby is sleeping fine. Will update review after more time!

    Must have for all baby registries!

    My son is getting older and I was looking to find a clock that helps him to wake up without the jarring noise of an alarm clock. We also live close to our neighbors so having a white noise machine is extremely helpful when he's trying to fall asleep and the neighbors are blasting their karaoke machine. Or when the dog next-door is barking... and barking... The Hatch Rest+ combines a white noise machine, alarm clock and a monitor all in one. I love that I can get rid of all of the other gadgets and just use this. Makes his room less cluttered. The setup was simple and I love how I can control everything with my phone. I only wish that I had this when he was a newborn. Will definitely be gifting this to all of my friends.

    It works, parents can sleep all night again!

    My almost 4 year old never stayed in his bed all night. We tried so many things. The very first night using this product it worked and he stayed in bed all night long. We turn it to red from 9pm-7am and then it turns green from 7am-9am letting him know it’s okay to get up. It worked!! For some reason having the visual works for him and we love it. Best money ever spent!

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