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Bath Bomb Gift Set -12 Pack

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    • 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs.
    • Made in California, USA freshly with premium USA natural ingredients - fizzes with colors and will not stain your tub.
    • Therapeutic and Moisturizing bath bombs that are formulated for Normal/Dry skin.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Love these bath bombs!

    My daughter bought a set of these bath bombs for my birthday in March. I liked them so much that I bought A 2nd set for myself! I have used other bath bombs and I didn’t expect much based on Those experiences, but these smell wonderful, for the entire time I’m in my bath and it colors the water in beautiful hues, which I love. I have a walk in tub and add additional moisturizers to my bath so I can’t speak on whether they are moisturizing but they are worth the expenditure for the visual and aroma therapy I experience.

    If you're on the fence just buy these, you'll love them!

    I ordered these for my girlfriend and they are awesome. She said she was buying bath bombs for her self after Christmas and I told her great idea. She checked my orders and saw them, turns out they were the same ones she has been wanting. (That was pure luck). Anyway they blame in a box and the smell was permeating from the box so there was no hiding what it was. She begged and begged to open one gift a week early and I had to give in. She loves them, I shared a bath with her, I love them. Such a great product, you will be so happy. I plan to order more for my mom, sisters, nieces & great nieces. The box they come in is very distinctive, the colors are bright & fun....I truly can't say enough nice about this product. The last thing I will say is that you are supporting an independent producer & seller, on that is rare. If you're on the fence, buy these...simple as that.

    Great smelling bathbombs!

    When they first arrived I could smell them before I even opened the box . They are wrapped up in paper and labeled cute little names . When I opened my first one it smelt great . I put it in my tub and it makes the whole bathroom smell AMAZING. It's very gentle on your skin and leaves a very little subtle fragrance. It's very relaxing and it feels awesome on skin and leaves no residue behind in the tub afterwards. They are smaller then a normal sized bath bomb but have a powerful punch as far as smelling good in the tub and the bathroom. I highly recommend these to anyone!

    Katlyn Wycoff

    I absolutely love my bath bombs! they leave your skin smelling so good. Plus they're so much cheaper than Lush bath bombs (which in my opinion aren't even all that great) These were definitely worth the money! and i will be buying more soon!

    Amazingly gorgeous and smell fantastic!!!😍

    I am so impressed with the packaging and the overall presentation of this product it is amazing and we'll presented. This product not only has a fantastic story it is made with pure love. Each one is carefully packaged and they all smell spectacular. I will be buying more of this product. These are a gift and I know the person reciting them is going to love them more than I do!!!!!

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