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Sleep Eye Mask - Black

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  • Low - Made of Rebound Memory Foam that is soft and comfortable.
  • No pressure on eyes. The eye space is wider and deeper than other flat eye mask (Silk eye masks oppress eyes).
  • Unique heat-bonded technology instead of glue s sturdy and durable.
  • Made of top-quality fiber fabric that never stains bed sheets or pillows. Memory foam makes you feel comfortable.
  • Fit all size head circumference, fully adjustable buckle strap, easy to adjust, and will not catch hair.
  • Effectively blocks lights and allows your eyes to freely blink. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best sleep mask I've ever had

This is hands down the best sleep mask I've ever had. I've had about 4 over the years, I use them mostly on the weekends to get that little bit of extra sleep time and when traveling. I didn't think I could like one better than my last one but when it went missing after a recent vacation trip I had to start looking for a replacement and the one I had was no longer available. I bought another one on but didn't care for it much so I did more research and bought this one. It blocks out the light extremely well and is very very comfortable. The memory foam is awesome. The seams are very smooth and I love that it's recessed over the eyes. I also love that the strap doesn't velcro together in the back which makes an uncomfortable bump. This has a small adjuster on the side so it isn't directly in the back of your head where you can feel it when lying on your back. My wife tried it this morning and liked it so much she's going to purchase one as well.

The Bentley of Sleep Masks!

It’s not an exaggeration. It’s a fact. So much so that I’m inspired to purchase more just to have on hand!I’m sure you’re reading this review because like me, you enjoy doing your due diligence on every product like it’s your job. Maybe also like me you’re hopeful that someone has already tested the goods in a way that provides a clear, valuable synopsis so that you don’t have to read the remaining 9,000 reviews. I’m hoping to do just that for you! Here’s a breakdown.PositivesComfort! Wow. The adjustable strap is incredibly soft and fitted without it being too tight. It’s never left marks on my face like previous masks did. I have very long hair and not once did my hair get tangled in the strap. If you’ve ever had hair stuck in a Velcro sleep mask strap and cried inside, I guarantee you that THIS mask won’t hurt you- ever. The lack of Velcro is a beautiful thing.Eyelash room! My lashes would look all sorts of crazy in the morning from other masks that flattened, smushed and did harm to them. You can open your eyes comfortably while the mask is fitted around your head.It’s dark! Like really dark. I NEED darkness to sleep. This provides an unbelievable amount of light blocking.Pressure- this is a good thing! Hear me out. Many of us like the comfort factor of feeling the security of slight compression/pressure on our eyes- it’s like a hug while you sleep. A very soft, gentle hug that leaves just enough room for your eyes and eyelashes (see above) to breathe.Sweating- the fabrication seems to prevent the normal “eye sweat” that occurs. It’s not a pretty topic but shouldn’t all facts be divulged? I do feel pretty NOT waking up with eye sweat.NegativesI wasted money on other masks that were of lesser quality and didn’t deliver.I consider myself a somewhat connoisseur of sleeping masks being that I’ve gone through many throughout the last 20 years. I hope that you take that into consideration when deciding to buy this pillowy, dreamy, sleeping mask. I realize that I sound way too obsessed over a sleep mask but sharing is caring! I hope that you purchase yours and share in my newfound love in this product. Also the fact that so many others were inspired to write reviews and give honest feedback WITHOUT a company soliciting it speaks volumes.

It's the best sleep mask I've purchased!

I used to have a Hearos sleep mask that was wonderful - it was comforable and it really kept the light out. I used it until it fell apart, and I have never been able to find another one. So, I've been on a mission to find a good replacement for a number of years. I've tried many. But have all let in light, for starters. And what's the use of wearing a sleep mask if it lets in light?I was perusing sleep masks on recently and saw this. I ordered it, and it truly lives up to both the seller's description and its reviews. The mask is large enough to cover the areas where light usually leaks into other masks. It's made from a material that conforms to the face at the edges, so that if there's a bit of light you can just push down the edge to "plug" the leak. There are cups for the eyes so that the material doesn't press on them. The size is adjusted with a clip in back, and while this does sometimes catch a little bit of hair, it does so far less than the Velcro clasps.And this mask has one other great feature: The material it's made of does not leave creases on your face when you sleep on your side! My last sleep mask drove me crazy because it creased my face, and I had to invent weird ways to pad it. In fact, I was searching for a piece of silk on to pad it with when I decided to just replace the darned mask and saw this one. Voila - that problem is solved!So this mask is even better than the Hearos one I couldn't replace. I will keep buying these.

Adam Korenman
A Great Value and a Great Night's Rest

Let me set the scene for you. About two months ago, the apartment next to ours installed new floodlights in the alley between the buildings. Unfortunately, they didn't check to see just how much light they were creating for their neighbors. That night, when I went to go to sleep, it seemed like the sun was directly outside my bedroom window.I tried countless solutions: Thicker blinds, cheap sleep masks, throwing a pillow over my face. Nothing was working. I don't sleep well under ideal circumstances, and this was driving me up the wall. Worse, since it was my neighbor and not my own building, my options were limited. I told my wife that I planned to secretly dismantle the lights. She suggested that, before I go straight to vandalism, I should try a more advanced sleep mask.Enter the MZOO sleep mask. I liked the price, liked the reviews, and liked the idea of an ergonomically designed mask with light isolation. That said, I'm very skeptical about new brands, so I wasn't sure what to expect. That first night, I threw on the mask and closed my eyes.BLISS! Darkness! It was nighttime in my room once again!All hyperbole aside, these are extremely comfortable, secure, and effective. I highly recommend them for home, travel, and even the workplace (your boss will likely not approve, so don't blame me).

Favorite Sandwiches
Feels like Memory Foam pillows around the eyes; weightless, great blockage, comfy at any head angle!

I'm very pleased with this eyemask! I do a lot of research, comparing and review-reading/bulls*t detecting before I make purchases. For years I've had to wear an eye mask and earplugs every night in order to fall asleep, since I grew up in the country where there were no lights or sounds, and I (eh) moved to loud and 24-hr bright NYC. It also typically can take me a while to get to sleep. So, a good quality eye mask is an essential ingredient for my sleep. I've tried a few different ones, and they proved to be of poor quality, the threads at the edges before long, somehow. I've been managing with that, but they're not so comfortable once they fall apart.I have confidence in the quality of these, and am so pleased with the light pillow feeling around the eyes. When I have them on in a bright room, there is a teeny sliver of light (I wear them slightly loose; they might do a better job if tight) coming through around the nose, but when I close my eyes, I can't detect the light at all through my eyelids. So, I'm happy.I'm also both a back and side sleeper, and the little adjustable strap is completely comfortable (this was one of my concerns when purchasing, because it's not always the case). It also seems to be a strong strap, and since I Don't have to tighten/stretch out the strap in order to fully block out the light like I do with other eye masks, I'm confident the strap will not become an issue as it usually is. The strap is completely loose on this, yet I have full coverage. There's no need to tighten it at all, and it stays on. Couldn't be happier.

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