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Meditation Tracker Headband - Dark Gray

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  • YOUR PERSONAL SLEEP & MEDITATION ASSISTANT: Improve your sleep routine and meditation practice with real-time feedback on your mind & body. This headband monitors your Mind, Heart, Body & Breath and features Sleep Tracking & Journeys.
  • MINDFUL MORNINGS & RESTFUL NIGHTS: Imagine starting your day with unwavering focus and ending with blissful, restorative sleep. Extended 10-hour battery life allows you to seamlessly go from daytime to bedtime with Sleep Journeys & Overnight Tracking.
  • SLEEP TRACKING: Find out how restful your sleep was with lab-grade insights from the comfort of home. Track improvements and create habits for restorative sleep with Sleep Stage & Position Tracking, Sleep Efficiency Score, and Deep Sleep Insights.
  • SOFT COMFORT-FIT HEADBAND: Made of a soft, breathable stretch fabric comfortable enough for use anytime, anywhere. It is specially crafted for bedtime use. Also features enhanced signal quality and an adjustable fit on a wider variety of head sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rodolfo Carbajal-Lopez

Love this product! The relaxation the comes over your body and mind from using it is the best feeling. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have any meditation experience.

Robert B
Great meditation tool!

Much improved and more comfortable than my original Muse. The Go-to Sleep meditations seem to really help me sleep better throughout the night and fall back to sleep when I awake early. Have not yet really tested Heart, Body and Breath meditations, but look forward to expanding my practice. Highly recommend as a feedback tool. Have also used another of the popular meditation apps for over a year and tend to “drift” away from point of focus.Muse S Helps with focus via the feedback.

A great device for learning to meditate

I recommend the Muse. It really works. By using it I’ve learned to meditate.

Good for mediating but I still can’t bend spoons using my mind

It relaxes me so much my family thinks I’m back on heroin

Igor Gassko
Great way to start meditating and tracking your sleep!

I had tried meditating few times and quit. But only after starting to using Muse S I funally understood why: there was no feedback on the quality of my concentration and help to keep me engaged and challenged. With Muse S, I can finally get an ingeniously delicate but firm guidance right through my meditation sessions. And the whole system of challenges and steps is very helpful to keep me engaged. But of course first and foremost, it's a quality of insights and the sheer excitement of trying new and cutting edge gadget :)

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