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Essential Oil Pillar Candle - 2.5" x 4" - Lavender

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    • A naturally blended pillar candle that measures 2.5" x 4".
    • This aromatherapy candle is allergy-friendly with no synthetic fragrances.
    • All-cotton metal-free wick.
    • Approximate 50-hours of burn time.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great scent, long burn time, awesome price point

    I love all of the scents and such a good price/hr burn time. My go-to candles.

    The Mckeons
    Smells Incredible, just buy it.

    I can only get this candle at one store in the area, so I prefer to buy at , getting a bigger size for less. Smells incredible, it makes my bathroom smell like a spa.

    Smells so good!

    This smells so amazing. Like real lavender and not lavender “scent”.

    Small candle- big smell!

    Even though I read the description before I purchased, I was a little surprised at the size of this candle. HOWEVER, with how aromatic it is, it really doesn't need to be any bigger! I have not even lit it and my whole area smells amazing. I can't imagine how it will smell once it is lit!I would definitely purchase one of these again, you get what you pay for!

    Pat F.
    Good Value - and Exceptional Product

    I have purchased this item for myself and given it as a gift as well. Pleasant aroma, nice slow burn and good value.

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