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Nasal Strips For Congestion Relief - 26 Count

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  • INSTANT RELIEF: Opens your nose so you can take in air more easily and breathe correctly. 
  • SNORING RELIEF: Improves nasal airflow by 31% and helps you reduce or even stop nasal snoring and relieve nighttime nasal congestion so you can sleep better at night.
  • FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Great for sensitive skin (since the strip is easier to remove).
  • DRUG-FREE: Flexible, spring-like bands help open your nose and provide instant relief when your stuffy nose is caused by allergies, a cold, or a deviated septum.
  • EASY TO USE: Wash and thoroughly dry your nose, center the strip on the width of the nose, and gently rub the strip to secure on your nose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I'll never go back to non scented strips!

I love these lavender scented strips so much I'll never go back to the regular ones! I never knew these existed until I saw them on so got a two pack. The scent is just right - not too heavy and not too light. They're like scratch and sniffs (I'm dating myself now) so if want more scent or revive the scent, just give them a scratch!

Elizabeth Adams
Works Wonders!😴😴😴

I can't believe I haven't tried these years and years ago...got tired of my BF complaining of my snoring😏...I am a huge lavender sleep aid lover...so these strips made PERFECT sense...soon as you place it on, you can feel your nose canal open up...and after activating the lavender, you are off to some of the best sleep EVER!!!...THEY REALLY WORK!!!!!!!

I always have a stuffy nose, this works!

I always have a stuffy nose, I have polyps and clogged sinuses. I don’t get a good night sleep because I can’t breathe. These strips help keep my nose clear. I sleep great! This doesn’t stop me from snoring, in fact I probably snore louder because I can breathe. The strip stays on all night, it’s similar to a Biore strip or a bandaid. The glue is like a gel and you really need to wash your nose the next day to get the slime off. I recommend this to anyone that has a hard time getting a good night’s sleep because you have a stuffy nose

Great product

I am so grateful for these. I will clarify that it doesn’t stop my snoring, sadly, but does help me breathe easier and allows me to snore less by breathing through my nose. It’s when I mouth breathe that the snoring ensues. It does make it possible for me to breathe through my nose at night which wouldn’t normally be the case. The lavender is very relaxing but not overpowering


Last night was the first time I EVER used these. My girlfriend has been a little salty latly about my snoring, I've been waking up with cotton mouth and was ready to get a sleep study. As soon as I applied one of these I could tell IMMEDIATELY it worked, just by how easy I could breath. NO it wasn't uncomfortable I couldn't even tell it was in. I removed it in the shower after I was in for a bit, they stick very strong (not a bad thing)

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