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Premium Sleeping Pillow - Queen

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  • REVOLUTIONARY INNOVATION: A unique proprietary shredded memory foam blend. The perfect balance between soft bliss and firm support. Our unique shredded memory foam is the revolutionary hybrid designed to give you the luscious feel of down and the firm support of memory foam.
  • ADJUSTABLE: This pillow was designed for "your" sleep position. An easy-access zipper allows you to control the amount of foam you need for indulgent sleep. So whether you are a side sleeper needing lots of fill, a stomach sleeper needing just a bit, or a back sleeper needing a happy medium, this pillow is perfect for anyone. 

Customer Reviews

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BUY THIS PILLOW BUY THIS PILLOW BUY THIS PILLOW (I'll say it again) BUY THIS PILLOW! I used to be the type of person that would just buy the cheap stuff at Walmart and I always had neck pain. I got sick of it and decided to buy a nice pillow for once and decided on this pillow. A great decision! The foam is super soft and they are so kind to give you extra to use if you want. The fabric on the pillow is also super comfortable and smooth. It's great for any sleeping style and it's easily adjustable since you can add or remove as much foam as you want. My girlfriend also has a memory foam pillow from a different company and hers is nowhere near as comfortable (she often takes naps on my pillow). I've never written a review on but I knew I needed to make an exception for this item! Buy it now! You won't regret it! Even better is that this is a small company and not some mega company (or one ran by some conspiracy theorist). I hope you enjoy this pillow just like I do!

Melony Menocal

Purchased this product about 2 - 3 weeks ago. Shipping came quickly; that’s always awesome. I bought 2 pillows, one for me and the hubby, and we were thrilled to try something new. It was interesting to see that you can add or subtract the level of comfort easily and efficiently. Zip up open, add or remove, zip it close; the instructions are clear as day and easily understood. Make sure to fluff the pillows prior to using them; follow the instructions. Wanted to wait a few weeks before leaving a review and all we have to say is WOW. Pillows are comfy, sleeping better, not waking up as stiff. Lastly it’s lifetime warranty!!! Thank you again for this marvelous pillow! Recommending to everyone and if I could give 6 stars I would.

Susies's Nana
Perfect for someone with neck issues

Okay. I have been sleeping on this pillow for almost a month and this is the best pillow I have ever owned. 30 years ago I was in a terrible auto accident and nearly went through my windshield. All my cervical vertebrae were squished together and I could not move my head up or down or side to side. After a year of chiropractic and physical therapy including neck traction I was as good as I could get. My chiropractor sold me an orthopedic pillow that was shredded foam and I held onto that pillow for years. When I went to replace it I tried other orthopedic pillows, the memory foam and the solid foam pillows but they were no good. I’d wake up with a stiff neck. I have done a lot of searching and research and the dream pillow is truly the best for someone with neck issues. You can adjust the height of your pillow until is is just perfect for you.

Bobby s
Perfect combination of pillow and customer service!

All I can say is WOW! What a great great pillow! I had email conversations with Amy about extra filler and she was beyond amazing, making this pillow that much better! If all customer service was like hers is I believe world peace would be achieved! As soon as I fluffed it in the dryer my son insisted I buy him one too!!! Buy these pillows. I promise you wont regret it! Thanks again Amy! 😁😁😁

Kat B
This one really is the pillow of our dreams!

My husband and I have been through a ridiculous number of pillows at great expense. We have tried them all including the $200+ Tempurpedic and everything in between. We have yet to find the “perfect” pillows in our 28 years of marriage and now we are in our early 50’s and it’s getting even more challenging to sleep. Every day we wake up with a sore neck or shoulder or didn’t sleep well because we just can’t get comfortable. I don’t know why I even bothered look at pillows except it was the day before Valentine’s Day and my husband was complaining about his lack of sleep again. I just started looking around at , not expecting to be convinced by any reviews for the perfect pillow because we have tried them all. When I found this one and saw that it was adjustable, I got excited. This is not something we have seen or tried and I was impressed by the reviews. I bought one for my husband and it came on Valentine’s Day. Much to our surprise, it worked! He has had 2 great nights of sleep with no pain. We track our sleep using the Apple Watch and he got more deep sleep both nights that he usually ever gets. I laid on it for a few minutes and wanted one immediately. I bought several more for myself and our son and at this price point, a new pillow doesn’t break the bank. If you have given up on the dream of a perfect pillow, give this one a try!

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