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Meditation Tracker Headband - Thin Gray Band

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  • VISUALIZE YOUR MEDITATION PERFORMANCE: Supported by the biosensing technology, see how your brain and body are working when you are doing meditation. Real-time brainwaves, heart rate, HRV, relaxation, attention, and pressure level tell you whether you are getting into meditation states.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED LESSONS: Lessons on various topics in the app help you gain the basic techniques and accompany you to make progress every day (subscribers have access to all). More lessons are on the way. 
  • A DETAILED BIODATA REPORT: Displaying your performance of every minute reminding you when you get into the meditation state and during which period you are doing great. Compare your performance with the last seven times to see your improvement.
  • SUPERLIGHT, COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE: 29g in weight. Easy to take it with you anywhere, whether you are at home, in the office, or commuting.
  • FREE TO DOWNLOAD THE APP: On the App Store or Google Play. Bluetooth connection. Instant responsive customer service team via the app.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Product

Really love this product, perfect for both meditation beginners and experts!

Love it!

Fantastic and high quality product and app, and amazing customer service that really are interested in helping the clients. Buy it, you will not regret it!

Quite satisfying to see my brain wave during meditation.

It was quite satisfying product. I think it's better than muse2 (the only product I can compare at this point). It gives a detail of brain wave, and I was able to test it by fully relaxing and meditating.There's a rubber band that helps the device to be attached on the head which isn't included in muse 2.

Have concerns but I'm loving the head band

I got mine a few days ago and have been experimenting and trying to build a baseline and understand what type of feelings manipulate the brain waves. I've found controlling the graph on the left side of my brain easier than the right. I can make the lines higher or smaller by changing my focus.Anyway, I'm on a new spiritual pathwalk and love my new toy.I do have concerns about the rubber band that holds it to my head. rubber usually breaks down over time and especially if hair grease and facial oils end up on the material. I'm having a hard time locating where to buy replacements. I'd like to keep some around. If anyone know where to get replacements please reply. Thanks.

A well designed headband that fits well and is comfortable to wear

Headband:The headband looks nice, fits pretty well and feels very comfortable to wear. I didn't have any issues with it. The box is a a bit tight to open, but this has no impact on the product inside.App:The app is pretty easy to use (no major problems with design or functionality), but I think maybe some more tips on how to better block out negative topics or reduce stress would be helpful after a meditation session.

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